Since the age of 8, I’ve been drawn to massage. Other massage styles didn’t quite resonate with me, but from the first Kahuna massage I received, I felt completely at home. I am grateful to have been able to engage with Kahuna in South Africa and so far, have completed six of seven levels of training with Aloha Life ( I am a member of the Kahuna Association of South Africa.

We often live too much in our head and do not take enough time to be present in our body. By setting our our head ‘on pause’, it can become a very liberating and relaxing experience. I view the Kahuna massages that I offer as a form of ‘coaching for the body’, which gives clients the opportunity to reconnect with their body.

At the beginning of the session, the client can let me know what their intentions are for the massage. Through the Kahuna technique, I am also able to sense what the client needs at that moment. Many memories and traumas are stored in our body and a massage can often allow emotions, feelings, images and memories to emerge and be experienced.

If the client would like to go the next step, I’m able to build the explored feelings and emotions into the coaching process, so that the client can discover a deeper meaning and wisdom from them. When one’s state of stuck thoughts are too ‘head-based’ in the beginning of a coaching process, bodywork is a great tool that can help to connect one’s senses to their physical being.

To really connect and explore more about your body, I recommend at least 3 massages within a period of six weeks. Please click below to see the packages I offer.

Covid19 Safety protocols: I check my own temperature daily and the client’s temperature will be checked on arrival. I wear a FFP2 face mask while I’m working and all my equipment and hands and are sanitized.


Kahuna massage is a Hawaiian massage technique. It involves rhythmic motions involving the hands, elbows, fingers and even forearms, to achieve deep relaxation. I use Kahuna massage to support my clients in connecting with the body. Sometimes, we carry blockages in our body, which can be released through this unique technique.

This treatment is a form of “coaching for the body”. It involves the giver and the receiver connecting on a body, mind and soul level, in order for the client to experience their own body from a different perspective.

I begin the session by massaging the client’s back to first see how they feel. If they feel comfortable to do so, they will turn to continue the massage on the front of their body. The appropriate privacy will be provided as per request and needs.


Polynesian Floor sessions are done fully clothed. The focus of this treatment is deep relaxation, grounding and stimulating the client’s body energy. The client’s pressure meridian lines will be activated and joints mobilised. This allows pressure to be released from the body.

It is a very slow paced treatment with deep breath and relaxation. This is ideal for people who don’t enjoy being touched with direct contact from others.


This entails a Kahuna massage with the pregnant woman lying on her side, supported by a pillow as needed. It feels like being enfolded in a cloud. While this massage position is ideal for pregnant women, it can also be used for male or female clients who don’t feel comfortable lying on their stomach or chest. It releases pressure on joints and relieves the back of the extra weight.

It is a wonderful experience for connecting with your growing baby or your inner child.

I recommend pregnant women to try one or two 60 minute sessions to begin with, so that they can identify if it is the right support structure for them.


This is a wonderfully unique treatment journey. Before I offer a Kahuna deep tissue spiritual release treatment, the client would need to have at least one normal Kahuna session before. To prepare the client and their body for that wonderful 2 hour treatment. I would recommend to attend a series of 4 x 90 minutes Kahuna sessions and embedding the deep tissue treatment in the final session.

The massage focuses on blocked areas in your body, to release physical, energetic and emotional blockages. If you feel stuck in your body, everything is tight and your energy is not flowing, then this treatment can help in releasing some of those tensions. This technique supports your body, mind & soul and can help you release emotions, cleanse your body and to find a new starting point.

To end the treatment, you will receive a cleansing ritual and wrapping of the body to integrate your journey, to honour yourself for the work and your body for releasing. The massage will take approximately 2 hours. After the 2 hour massage, I will serve tea, with some time to integrate. The full treatment will take around  2 ½ hours and I strongly advise taking some time off in nature after the experience.