Group Coaching

Families, teams and partnerships are all systems. And systems have their own dynamic and personality.
Systems are made up of individuals, each bringing their own communication styles, assumptions, expectations, language and cultural influence. These differences may well create some challenges in working together.
Often communication, assumptions, expectation, language and cultural influence might create some difficulty just to name a few.

I support systems and the people which are part of those systems, as a ‘system administrator’ or Internal coach. A coach who is able to work with the smallest part of the system (the individual) and to function as an interface between that individual and the system of which they are a part.

A system only works well if the subsystems or single individuals are not struggling with their own difficulties. So, let’s first attend to the subsystems, single individuals and ensure they are working fine. We maintain cars, trucks, machines, computer and hairstyles to name a few. We monitor them on a regular basis. We apply changes and upgrades. We participate in sport for our physical health to make sure we look the way we want to look and that we are healthy. Coaching is exactly that – maintenance for mind and soul. Without food and water our body will not survive. Coaching is the food and water for our healthy mind and soul.

I work and support teams, partnerships and families through

  • group coaching
  • crisis management
  • peacekeeping and monitoring 
  • workshops

to make sure that every individual is able to perform his or her important part of that group/system.
I may not be the perfect coach for all situations, so while I may be the main coach, I may call in external experts to support me in the system. If the system is larger it’s highly recommended to have more than one coach that individuals can speak to. I am therefore able to draw in other coaches from my network to support me and the individuals.

The coach’s job is not to mentor, teach or advise the client.
The coach is there to discover with the client, what the client’s needs are in order to achieve a goal.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I’m fascinated by the dynamic of systems. Please contact me to discuss your situation and we can work out a solution as to how I could support you.