Mindfulness is a type of meditation, in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery and other practices to relax the body and mind to help reduce stress.

Often we forget the simple things in life. Mindfulness is one of the simplest tools to help you be in the present moment, rather than entangled with your past or focused on your future.

With simple exercises, everybody is able to do mindfulness practices towards their needs on a daily or weekly basis. We don’t need to have the picture of the flying monk hovering over a beautiful mountaintop in mind. We don’t need special training and it doesn’t take a lot to start practising mindfulness.  You are able to discover deeper meaning, a resourceful space and peace within you.

My mindfulness approach is to use what is present in the moment of our meeting. What does the client or group need? I love to create a safe, trusting, ‘thinking’ environment. A space that allows us to explore new things and challenge old mindsets. I have been practising mindfulness and meditation since I was 20 and have a strong connection with group energies and expressing guided meditation.

What does a session entail?
Check in
Open conversation and exploring of what is present at the moment of the meeting. We will then work on a specific theme and explore new styles and techniques.
The approach of the session will be a meaningful discussion with a philosophical form of learning, creating a ‘thinking environment’, exploring different energies in the body, mind & soul and trying out different techniques with mindfulness and guided meditation.

Feel free to bring in whatever you like. As long as you have your private space without interruption, you can join the virtual meeting in your office, lounge, at the kitchen table or in bed.

Reasons for joining:
Meet like-minded people, have meaningful conversations and explore new things without being judged.
Challenge yourself with a different approach to your body, mind & soul and explore an integral life praxis experience.

I offer single sessions for individuals or up to 3 participants, as well as morning and evening series for up to 10 participants. In the near future there will be physical (offline) group meetings available in Cape Town. Read more about the sessions by clicking below.