Deep Tissue Massage

From: R1240

I’m currently offering a 20% introductory discount

A 2-hour session focusing on releasing areas of physical, energetic and emotional blockages and tension. Deep tissue release work is effective for tight, locked bodies and for times when one feels stuck, frustrated and wanting to break free in your body and life. Feel a greater sense of freedom and power as old habits and patterns are stripped away allowing you to reconnect to your authentic self and to new, infinite possibilities in the now. Deep and powerful when depth is needed for renewal and release.

To end the treatment, you will receive  a cleansing ritual and wrapping of the body to integrate your journey, to honour yourself for the work and your body for releasing . The massage will take approximately 2 hours. After the treatment I will serve a tea and some time to integrate. The full treatment will take around  2½ hour. I strongly advise taking some time off in nature afterwards.

120 minutes    R1240  (with 20% introductory discount R992)


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