Crisis Management

When crises or difficult situations arise, we often have an emotional reaction. If we are not able to take a step back from the situation, we may be controlled by fear and anxiety, overwhelmed by uncertainty. The body prepares for survival, limiting our brain capacity.

What I have learned, it is helpful to have a sparring partner to call on in this situation supports my health, peace of mind and the more effective to get over the crisis.

If you are facing difficult situation, at work, with family, relations, clients, employees or your boss, get in touch with me. If you let me know your story, I can let you know up front if I’m the right person to support you. I only take on mandates which I know I can handle.

What the client can expect from me when I commit to support them through in a difficult situation.

  • take over tasks and weights from the client’s shoulder
  • doing research on what is needed
  • step in to brief involved parties
  • select and sort out importance upcoming tasks
  • being present for the client.
  • sourcing of third-party support if needed

The above are just brief ideas. I will not take over, but rather have a conversation to establish what the client needs right now and give some feedback as to how I would approach it. With that awareness, the client can hand over the tasks which they think would be most supportive for me to handle. It is an ongoing process where we reassess the situation on a regular basis to ensure that my support is in line with the clients’ needs.


After a crisis or difficult situation, the rough sea subsides. You may have a need for peacekeeping and integration of the learning of the crisis or situation you have experienced . 

I offer peace keeping, which entails being there for my client to make sure the situation is maintained and resolved. Peacekeeping could be used, at work, or with family, relations, clients, employees or your boss. Having a neutral person at the table helps to prevent both parties falling back into a crisis state.

The scope of my work is determined in advance with the client, according to his/her needs . The client remains in control – I am merely a support where the client feels it needed.

Get in touch with me and let me know your story. I can let you know upfront if I am the right person to support you. I only take on mandates which I know I can handle. Consultation could be on site or over zoom