Life Coaching

The coach is responsible for supporting and encouraging the client in the thinking process. Creating a safe, non-judgmental space to allow the client to unpack and unfold the knowledge from her/his own experience.

The coach is a partner who asks critical questions, to observe and reflect patterns that may be holding you back.

In the integral and holistic process of coaching I will be your partner in thinking and accountability towards your new goals so that you can reach your full potential and achieve the outcomes you dream of.

With the approach of Integral+ coaching I believe that the person who asked the question knows the best answer for it. And my job is not to advise or consult the client. My job is to ask questions that the client is able to explore their understanding of the question and find their own answer for their questions.

Often we are stuck in processes and systems and it’s difficult to step out of them. By focusing on the client’s needs, the client is able to observe the obstacles which are in their way, limiting them and obstructing them reaching their goals.

To begin the journey, book a Free 30 minute Chemistry session and then if you feel we are a good fit, you can move on to a more in-depth process.