Student Coaching

When you embark on a new course of study, at whatever stage of your life, there will be changes and challenges that can feel overwhelming. 

Often it’s not a mental difficulty or weakness that causes you to struggle, but rather things like:

  • finding a learning style that suits you
  • listening to your needs
  • balancing your existing life with the addition of new pressures
  • How do you manage your anxiety, time and the internal and external expectations you experience?

Ultimately, YOU are the expert in what you need. 

I’m able to support you on your new or existing path of learning. Together we can find out how to deal with any difficulties you’re having, so you can reach your goals and complete your learning journey.

I’m aware if you’re invested in your education, you may not have the extra money to pay a coach. Normally there are not a lot of our need. By reflecting on my learning experiences in education, it showed me that you can often be your own biggest obstacle to achieving your goals.

If you reach that point, a coaching session can be a great help to get you back on track.

The coach’s job is not to mentor, teach or advise the client.
Collectively with the client, the coach is there to discover the client’s needs, in order to achieve a goal and maximize their potential.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I’m fascinated by the dynamic of systems. Please contact me to discuss your situation and we can work out a solution as to how I could support you. We can look at a price structure, which works for both of us.

I am a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) and accredited as an Associate Certified Coach.