Kahuna Massage


CURRENTLY OFFERING A 20% INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT on a 90 min session and 10% on a 60 min session

Kahuna massage is a Hawaiian massage technique. It involves rhythmic motions of the hands, elbows, fingers and even forearms to achieve deep relaxation. I use Kahuna massage to support my clients in connecting with the body. Sometimes we carry blockages in our body, which can be released through this unique technique. It is “coaching for the body”. The giver and the receiver connect on a body, mind and soul level and the treatment allows the client to experience their own body from a different perspective. It is a spiritual dance between the receiver and the giver with strong connection to both body wisdom.

I begin with massage on the client’s back and see how they feel. If they feel comfortable to do so, they will turn to continue the massage on the front of their body. The appropriate privacy will be provided as per the request and needs of the client.

60 minutes           SFR 120 (with 10% introductory discount, now SFR 100)

90 minutes           SFR 150 (with 20% introductory discount, now SFR 120)

Kahuna Massage Package:

4 x 90 min (Total: 360 min) with introductory discount SFR 440

8 x 90 min (Total: 720 min) with introductory discount SFR 800

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