Kahuna Massage


Kahuna Massage is a Hawaiian massage technique that unites body, soul and spirit and guides the client into deep relaxation.

The music that accompanies the massage, the changing massage movements and grip techniques allow the customer to let go of their heads and control. When the head is not constantly dominating, the body adopts its natural posture, allowing muscles to relax and joints to return to their normal position.

This has a positive effect on the organism, body, soul and spirit. The aim of this type of massage is to let the energy flow freely through the body. It involves rhythmic movements of the hands, elbows, fingers and forearms to achieve deep relaxation. It is “coaching for the body”. The giver and the receiver connect on a body-mind and soul level and the treatment allows you to experience your own body from a different perspective. I’ll start with the back first, because according to spiritual teachings, it symbolizes the past.

Accordingly, all negative memories should be left behind with the massage, which in turn leads to the loosening of blockages. The massage extends from the head to the tips of the toes, with the grip techniques being changed regularly. When the bond of trust is there, turn around. Of course, privacy is guaranteed in any case.

The massage takes place on the front part of the body, with the abdomen forming the centre. It is intended to bundle memories and emotions, which is why new energies are released by means of targeted massage practices, a positive mood is supported and body, mind and soul are brought back into harmony.

80 minutes first massage at the introductory price SFR 120

90 minutes SFR 160

Kahuna Massage Package:

4 x 90 min (total: 360 min) SFR 580 (10% discount)

8 x 90 min (total: 720 min) SFR 1090 (15% discount)

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