Pregnancy Massage


CURRENTLY OFFERING A 20% INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT on a 90 min session and 10% on a 60 min session

This entails a Kahuna massage with the pregnant woman lying on her side, supported by a pillow as needed. It feels like being enfolded in a cloud. While this massage position is ideal for pregnant women, it can also be used for male or female clients who don’t feel comfortable lying on their stomach or chest. It releases pressure on joints and relieves the back from extra weight.

It is a wonderful experience for connecting with your growing baby or your inner child.

I recommend pregnant women try one or two 60 minutes sessions to begin with and see if it feels right and supportive to them.

60 minutes           SFR 120 (with 10% introductory discount, now SFR 100)

90 minutes           SFR 150 (with 20% introductory discount, now SFR 120)

Our Pregnancy Package below only applies to pregnant women. You can book flexible sessions of 60 min or 90 min until:

360 min with introductory discount SFR 440

720 min with introductory discount SFR 800

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