Mindfulness – Morning ‘Open Mind’ group session


Time: Every Thursday morning from 5:45 AM to 6:45 AM South Africa Standard Time GMT +2 will be a zoom group meeting.

Dates:  the next course series starting date is 17th June 2021. One course series lasts for 6 weeks. 

What will we do?

We work with the inputs of the group members at the moment.

Check In

30 to 40 minutes guided meditation and inner journey with the inputs of the group members.

Sharing and Check out round.

Ending the group session at 6:45 AM

Feel free to bring in, whatever you like. You can join the meeting in your bed, at the kitchen table, lounge or in your office. As long you have your private space and you don’t get interrupted.

Minimum of 4 persons is requested
Maximum group participants will be 10 people.

Reason for joining:

Challenging your body, mind and soul with a morning journey and explore how your body, mind and soul responds to it.
Starting the day with like-minded people and treat your body, mind and soul with a nurturing exercise once a week.


You commit for 6 sessions: R550 (with 10% introductory discount, R495)
Advance booking is essential. Please book directly with me either by email or WhatsApp.
If you miss a session, there will be no catch up or refund as the sessions form part of a series.

If you don’t have time at the moment but you are interested in receiving updates, please send me your contact details and I’ll let you know about future series.


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