Ad Hoc Constellation Session


Constellation work is a wonderful tool for the client to explore their world through the perspective of an observer. It gives an opportunity to engage with feelings, actions, comments and views. I offer my service over Zoom and in person. I’m able to work on a topic one-on-one or I can set up a group session. For a group session, please enquire for dates and prices.

I prefer not to do a chemistry session before constellation work, but begin with the work right away. I believe it is more effective when you dive into this form of work without overthinking it, in order to work with what is present in the moment for the client.  If you still prefer a chemistry session or you have any questions about constellation work, please send me an email regarding them and we can arrange a session if needed. The explored topic can be used in a further coaching process.

60 minutes    SFR 120

90 minutes    SFR 150

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